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Specialized Programs

These initiatives focus on meeting the significant and specific needs identified within Boys & Girls Clubs. Their broad scope complements several or all of our core program areas.

Delinquency and Gang Prevention/Intervention Initiative 

This community-based initiative targets young people ages 6 to 18 that are at high risk for involvement or are already involved with delinquency and gangs. 

These youth and teens are directed to positive alternatives and learn about violence prevention. Clubs collaborate with local partners to mobilize resources, recruit hardto- reach youth, mainstream them into appropriate Club programming and monitor their progress through individualized case management. Clubs and State Alliances can also receive assistance in pursuing local and state funding for programs addressing delinquency, gangs and violence.
Latino Outreach

The Latino Outreach Initiative provides Clubs with effective strategies to reach, serve and empower Latino youth and families.

Reaching out to the Latino community requires no additional funding and combines a successful outreach approach with best practices collected from extensive field tests. It has five components. Outreach involves engaging Latino youth and families through word-of-mouth referrals, face-to-face contacts, community collaborations, special events and targeted programming. Programming gives young Latinos access to Club interest- and need-based programs to help them develop leadership abilities and strong decision making skills. Leadership offers opportunities for youth, staff, board members and the community to sharpen their skills and serve their communities. Education promotes working closely with the Clubs to encourage high school graduation and higher education through partnerships and targeted programs. Sustainability focuses on managing growth and maintaining Club services for Latinos through board development and cultivation of local Latino-owned businesses as funding sources.
Youth for Unity

Through a comprehensive set of interventions, the Youth for Unity program aims to promote and celebrate diversity while combating prejudice, bigotry and discrimination. 

Youth for Unity features age-appropriate programming for youth ages 6 to 12, teens and parents; training and resources for Club professionals; and a leadership awards program. The program builds the capacity of local Clubs to help their members appreciate themselves as unique and special individuals, understand diversity in society, recognize bias and unfairness and take personal leadership in confronting bias.

Teen Initiative 

The Teen Initiative provides program resources, grant funding, training and technical assistance to Club staff and boards so they can deepen their impact on teens in their communities. 

Teens are not simply “older children” – they have reached a developmental stage that requires a different strategic approach to recruitment, retention, marketing, staff interaction, use of space and programming. In addition, the needs and developmental abilities of younger teens ages 13 to 15 vary from those of older teens ages 16 to 18. The Teen Initiative helps Clubs increase their outreach to teens and serve them more effectively.

Family PLUS: Parents, Leading, Uniting, Serving

The Family PLUS initiative enables Clubs to partner with families and collaborate with other community agencies to ensure the positive development of youth through programming, resources and support. The model has five key components. 

Kinship care programming provides knowledge and resources to extended family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc.) who have assumed the primary caregiver role. Father involvement programming supports fathers in taking a more active, positive role in their children’s lives. Outreach, recruitment and retention activities help Clubs engage and integrate parents, other family members and children into Club life. The Family Advocacy Network (FAN) Club, empowers parents through leadership, educational and social activities and individual support. Economic opportunity programs help family members advance their education and build their skills so they can secure stable jobs with increased earnings.

Club Tech

Club Tech helps young people develop the technology skills necessary to succeed in school and in the job market. 

Club Tech is an ambitious, multi-year initiative that provides all Boys & Girls Clubs with state-of-the-art software; a comprehensive array of programs to help Club professionals build members’ computer skills and integrate technology in all Core Program Areas; and extensive, ongoing training for Club professionals. 

Club Tech helps Clubs incorporate technology in every aspect of their operations. Most importantly, young people develop the technology skills necessary to succeed in school and the job market. Club Tech resources and programs are available through www.myclubmylife.com, BGCA's website for teens.